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Live Better™– Redefine How You Live with AVE Flexible-Stay Furnished Apartments

Bring your suitcase, and we'll take care of the rest! Experience the ultimate space, comfort, and convenience with AVE flexible-stay, fully furnished apartments. Our spacious, furnished apartments are fully accessorized with all the comforts of home featuring dedicated living areas with a custom furniture package, full-size kitchens with appliances, cookware, and dinnerware, washers and dryers in residence, luxury bed and bath linens, ample storage including walk-in closets, and complimentary, high-speed Wi-Fi.

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Our community is your home office. Get down to business where you’re productive, either in your spacious, furnished apartment or in our comfortable amenity spaces featuring flex workspace, business centers, meeting spaces, and high-speed WiFi.

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Our attentive Resident Service team is on site 7 days a week to ensure you have a quality, comfortable stay. They are dedicated to delivering first-class service including apartment and amenity assistance and on-call, 24/7 emergency maintenance.

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Pets are an important part of the family. Dogs (and cats) can have their day, every day at AVE with pet-friendly amenities and services featuring spas, parks, treats, events, and more.

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Enjoy complimentary high-speed, community-wide WiFi. Work seamlessly from your furnished apartment and throughout all amenity spaces. Stay connected on all your devices with no data caps.

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Sleep soundly knowing we’re dedicated to delivering safe communities. “Our Clean Better Promise” represents first-class cleanliness and communication programs outlined by industry leaders and public health officials.


Christie and her team have been nothing short of amazing during my time at AVE over the last year. I can’t thank Christie enough for their fantastic service throughout move-in last July and moveout during this crazy time. She also went above and beyond to facilitate a seamless move for me to a new unit in January. I know I speak on behalf of all the other Change Healthcare employees staying at AVE that Christie and her team’s service is nothing short of exceptional.

We are currently in between homes, and came to AVE Blue Bell. This is the perfect place to be! It's comfortable, relaxing, and has everything we could ask for- it feels like we are living in a resort. Our favorite part about the community is how friendly everyone is. From the residents, to housekeeping, maintenance and office staff, everyone goes out of their way to make us feel welcome. We couldn't be happier here!

The service here is excellent. The people in the office, and I have had the chance to interact with several, have all be very helpful, very professional and there is someone 7 days a week, which is much appreciated. You can tell customer service is very important to them. I would highly recommend this development to anyone looking.
If you are looking for a comfortable, safe, and conveniently located place to stay for an extended period of time, look no further than the AVE Clifton. We were in town for work and curious about relocating to the region, so this proved to be a great home base for us. The management and staff are friendly, communicative, and prompt in following up on questions or requests. Residents are equally friendly and respectful of others while in shared spaces. It was really cool because they have tasty local food trucks come in on Friday nights so you can order in and pick it up safely to enjoy in your unit or poolside/on the patios. We stayed here during the pandemic and there was excellent support for and compliance with the CDC safety precautions- everyone wears masks, keeps social distance, only rides in the elevator with their family, and there is touchless hand sanitizer in all the main areas. Parking underground by way of key fob made it super convenient. There is ample shopping and restaurants nearby. This is a great place to stay! Hopefully when the pandemic is over they can open up the on-site gym which looks fabulous and also the continental breakfast I've heard they offer.
A bigger thank-you for the wonderful home and endless kindness you gave us for seven months - a bright spot in the darkness of the pandemic. Coming to The Franklin was the best thing I did. It gave us a perfect setting to wait out the lockdown and easily juggle the nurses, therapists and others from hospice. Even more, the seamless assistance and constant warmth from you all made this a great experience during a terrible period for us. I've lived in buildings in Los Angeles, Washington DC and Philly for over 30 years and you're unquestionably the best staff I've ever encountered. My mom was so happy here and after spending a lifetime single, independent and usually travelling, I loved having this unplanned roommate. While I miss her terribly, the benefit of all these months together in the perfect setting with great support makes my loss easier.
I was recently stayed in a furnished 1 bedroom suite for about 5 months while on a business project. I cannot say enough about how great my experience was. The accommodations far surpassed any hotel, corporate housing, or extended stay that i have used in the past. The staff was always available and attentive. There was a very social atmosphere as well as all of the amenities one would need to both work hard and relax. I was always greeted by name with a smile which made it feel like a true home away from home. Thank You! i hope to be back again!
AVE Malvern is one of my favorite places. It has such a nice cozy feel & the grounds are spectacular. In the Fall, the leaves are beautiful and in the summer, the pool setting is so inviting! The amenities at AVE Malvern are exceptional! The common areas, meeting rooms & workout areas are all easily accessible & very accommodating. The staff at AVE Malvern is by far, first class! I love them! They are friendly, courteous & professional. They want to help you and go above & beyond on a daily basis while working with everyone who walks through the door. They are amazing! I highly recommend AVE Malvern!
Everything went very well with my move-in! After traveling over the course of 24 hours from India, it was so important that we were able to easily move-in without having to wait for someone to let us in or to wait at a hotel. We arrived around 6am and the check-in process was very simple. We are very happy with the suite and having the attached garage is extemely convenient! We love the ambiance here with pool view as well. I want to thank you for assisting in making this transition so easy!
Amazing place to stay, truly a home away from home. It’s such a wonderful place, with such friendly, cooperative and communicative staff who just wants to make your stay comfortable and always willing to go away extra mile. I strongly recommend the place for long term stays.

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Experience first-class hospitality at AVE. We’re obsessed with being the best, and we hold ourselves to high standards to ensure you have a comfortable stay, exceptional service, and the utmost flexibility. Our furnished apartments are designed for both short and long term stays with dedicated living areas and all the comforts of home, so you can truly live while you stay with us. Our team members take great pride in delivering a sense of community that goes beyond traditionaltemporary furnished housing. We hope you take advantage of our unparalleled amenities and fun resident events. Get out and explore – our fully furnished rental communities are conveniently located near great dining and shopping scenes, as well as exciting, regional attractions.

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